Q7 Tips & Tricks – Color Schemes

Posted Jun 21, 2024


If you’re looking to customize your Q7 trucking software with some new color choices, these tips are for you.

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Transaction & Search Colors

From the Main Menu, select Admin > Preferences > Global.

  • Color 1 – Used on the Q7 login screen and the first mode of a transaction program.
  • Color 2 – The second mode of a transaction program.
  • Color 3 – The third mode of a transaction program. This is also your search color. The new windows that are being released contain entire grids that can be searched, so they are colored with this color assignment. Make sure it’s a color you enjoy!
  • Color 4 – The fourth mode of a transaction program.

Click the drop down to pick from a list of pre-set colors. Double click on the drop down to open a custom color picker.

Close and re-open Q7 to sample your new swatches!

Choose transaction and search colors in Global Preferences.

Dispatch Board Colors

From the Main Menu, select Admin > Preferences > Dispatch, or just move over to the Dispatch tab if you’re already in Preferences. Click the Dispatch Coloring button.

Spruce up this area of Q7 by assigning colors based on Trip Status.

You can also set the color of a sorted column, your warning tier colors for features that utilize warnings, and assign colors for dispatch Priorities.

Set Dispatch Board colors in Dispatch Preferences.

Did you know that you can assign colors to resources, too? You can use this as a visual cue, or to make the resource column pop.

You can set resource colors in Setup programs by highlighting the resource and selecting Dispatch Board Color > Set from the menu. Or, you can right-click on any of the resource’s Trips on the Dispatch Board and select Setup > Set Color.

Assign colors to resources on the Dispatch Board.

Freshen Things Up!

Frontline Software allows you to add your own custom flair to your trucking software. Freedom of color choices isn’t the only thing you can do to personalize your workspace. If customization is important to you, reach out to us today for a complimentary demo.