Posted Feb 15, 2023

Q7, Tips

You’ve just finished processing a large batch of pay settlements and you realize you forgot to print or email the drivers’ copies. How can you do that now that they’ve been posted?

Batch Mode for Checks Settlements

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Utilize the new Batch Settlements tool for Payroll Checks and vendor pay settlements settled directly to Operating Check.

In Banking, select Tools > Batch Settlement. Choose your check type, all or one payee, and a check date range.

Use Tools to print posted settlements in batch.

Batch Mode for AP Settlements

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You won’t get complete pay settlement details if you use the Batch Settlement tool for Operating Checks that paid settlements created as Vendor Invoices.

Use a different option If you settle owner operators to Vendor Invoice pay settlements. From the Main Menu, click Purchases. Select Tools > Settlement > Batch. Choose an optional Class and a post date range to generate a batch of posted pay settlements.

Use Purchases Tools to print pay settlements in batch.

Never lose a pay settlement

These tips should help you produce any combination of pay settlements at any time. Don’t forget that the Email Interface allows you to email your pay settlements!