Posted Mar 22, 2022

Q7, Tips

Q7 is packed with features. There are many buttons, clicks, and drop down menus to get to know. This month, let’s review some not-so-obvious right-click features.

Open pay window and import pay profile

Right-clicking on the Pay window in the Trip opens the Pay window and calls out to the driver’s pay profile at the same time.

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Add a stop to an existing Trip

This right-click option is usually used when you’ve added a stop to a Booking after the Trip has been created, but can also be used to correct a segmenting mistake. Right-click on an unassigned Booking stop and select Assign Stop to Trip.

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Right-click on an available Booking stop and assign it to an existing Trip.

Delete unwanted Items from Settlement

Are there old unreconciled Items showing up in your Settlement – such as $0 Items that won’t pass through to a formal pay settlement? Clear those out using a right-click in the Settlement grid.

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Right-click on an Item in Settlement to delete it.

Looking for those right-clicks…

Many buttons and grids in Q7 offer right-click functions. Explore for yourself and discover the features available with a right-click!