Posted Jul 16, 2021

Q7, Tips

If you have Document Management, you’re probably scanning or importing files into Q7. The most common area that Document Management is utilized is Orders, where you can attach load supporting paperwork for invoicing purposes.

Did you know that there are several other ways you can use Document Management?

Driver or Carrier Documents

Document Management can be accessed from any Setup program. Instead of storing driver license or contract information in paper form, try scanning or importing the documents directly to the driver or carrier Setup profile.

Open the Setup Program and locate the driver or carrier. With the payee highlighted, select Vendors/Employees > Document Management.

Highlight a driver, then add documents.

Equipment Documents

Owning equipment comes with a lot of paperwork, such as registration and insurance documentation. Keep track of each document for each unit in a single place in Q7.

Open Equipment Setup and locate the equipment unit. With the equipment highlighted, select Equipment > Document Management.

Highlight an equipment and attach documents.

Customer Payment & Receipt Documents

Do you like to keep a record of paper checks or receipts received by your customers? Attach documents directly to the Customer Payment or Miscellaneous Cash Receipt while the record is still in the workspace area…

Use the Tools drop down to add documents to an in-progress Customer Payment.

…or attach documents to a finalized Receipt by right-clicking on it in the Finalized Receipts area.

Right-click on a finalized Customer Payment to add documents.

Administrative Document Management

Access any record and all access points in the system using the Document Management Administration tool. Login as Admin, then select Tools > Document Management from the Main Menu. Select the record type you want to work with, then add a date range filter. Select the transaction or Setup record from the lookup.

NOTE: If you have a lot of records, we recommend entering a smaller date range.

Using the Admin view to add or edit documents from the entire system.

Feeling like tossing the file boxes?

Q7 can safely and securely track most documentation. Get the most out of your Document Management add-on by experimenting with attaching most kinds of documents to their corresponding record types.