Posted Sep 19, 2022

Q7, Tips

Have you ever posted a batch of Checks or Receipts and realized you assigned the wrong date or Check Number? This month we’re bringing you a newer feature that even veteran users might not know about yet. This is definitely a time-saving feature!

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You can modify certain fields on any posted disbursement or receipt in the Check Register by right-clicking.

Right-click on a posted transaction in the Check Register to modify certain values.

Make changes to the Bank Account, the posted check or document number, the post date, or any notes and comments.

WARNING: Take care when changing any of these values if the transaction has been reconciled.

Modify the Bank Account, post date, and doc number by right-clicking on a posted transaction in the Check Register.

A simple tip can go a long way!

A once common support topic is now a thing of the past with this feature. No need to restore a batch of Checks just because they were dated incorrectly, or the numbering system got off track. Search for Edit Posted Checks or Edit Posted Receipts in the Knowledge Base for more information.