Posted May 15, 2019

Software Releases

We have some exciting new features coming in the latest Q7 update and we’d like to share a few with you.


With hundreds of transactions being inserted, traced, and confirmed, it can feel daunting to track all of it. The System Health Monitor is designed to help you keep on top of exceptions from all six pillars of your trucking business software; Dispatch, Fleet Maintenance, Safety, General Ledger, AP and AR. The System Health Monitor is constantly running background reports and will tell you when anything requires attention. For example…


  • Recent Bookings that do not have scheduled dates
  • Recent Bookings that have suspicious scheduled dates


  • Expiring Licenses, Physicals, Registrations and Inspections


  • Bank Account does not match the Register
  • AR Account does not match the subledger
  • Invoices paid but not posted

And much more. If you’re the Administrator the System Health Monitor will automatically launch the first time you open Q7. You’ll be able to customize what each of your users can see.


Q7 is now partnered with the following software and data providers to make your job a lot easier and faster.

TransFlo – Capture documents like the BOL and PO from your drivers’ cell phones and automatically attach them to Bookings which will decrease billing time (Optional Module).

IFTA – Automatically download rates for all 50 states directly from IFTA.

EIA – Automatically download the last 10 weeks of fuel prices from EIA.

Q7 KB – Q7 now comes with a fully integrated, web based, searchable knowledge base. Press F1 on any screen to access related help and reference documents.

There are many other features, performance enhancements and program corrections. After the update, select Help>Release Notes to see a full list. We sincerely thank you for your feedback. Q7 wouldn’t be the work horse it is without support from customers like you.