Posted Oct 26, 2021

Software Releases

We have some exciting new features coming in the latest Q7 update and we’d like to share a few with you.

Track Multiple DOE Price Indexes

Q7 has always had the ability to rate your Fuel Surcharge based on the national DOE Price Index. But what if you have customers who only ship throughout the Midwest? Or only along the East Coast? Coming next version you can setup a different price index for each customer.

Quick Sort Stops

Manifesting multiple different loads together on a single Trip can mean quite a bit of manual organization of the Stops. On the next release there will be an option to quick sort your Stops based on Load Date, or a combination of Stop Type and Load Date.

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Reprint Settlements In Batch

You’re now able to reprint Settlements in batch from the Banking program. Select Operating or Payroll, a range of dates, and (optionally) Payee to quickly reprocess old Settlements at any time.

(Even) More Dispatch Board Fields

This was a long time coming, but it’s finally here. You can now see, sort, and search for the BOL No, Customer, and Booking UDFs directly from the Dispatch Board.

Other Q7 Improvements

  • Redact information directly from Document Management.
  • Improved User Interface of the Report Writer.
  • Email a picture of the map and the directions from Google Maps (requires Email Interface).
  • Plugins can be configured to run automatically on program launch.
  • Calculate Pay Miles for every Trip in batch from the Batch Pay utility.
  • Both Driver Safety Notices can now be emailed (requires Email Interface).
  • Configure a “To Be Printed” preference for each Document Type in Document Management.