Posted Nov 21, 2022

Q7, Tips

We’re pulling out the microscope this month. Whether you’re just doing research or you’re troubleshooting a discrepancy, viewing accounting transaction history can be incredibly useful.

Check out the narrated video here.

Setup Programs

Customer, Vendor, Employee, Item, and GL Account Setup profiles allow you to view a detailed transaction history. From the menu, highlight the profile and select View >Transactions.

Highlight the Setup profile, then select View > Transactions from the menu.

This window displays all activity for that customer, vendor, driver, or Item. Expand for extra detail, and even export the data to Excel.

PRO TIP: You can right-click on a transaction in vendor or employee driver history to re-print a pay settlement.

Export Setup program transaction history to Excel.

Transaction Programs

In Orders, Repairs, and Purchases, simply select View > Transactions to view the transaction history for just that record.

Select View > Transactions to view the history of that record.

This window displays any payments or adjustments pertaining to the record, and the current balance.

PRO TIP: Double click on the payment line to find the finalized payment.

View the history and the balance for the transaction.

Use the details to your advantage

Our support desk frequently uses transaction history as a way to troubleshoot problems. You can also use it as a reporting tool. Don’t forget that you can view batch transaction history for a customer or vendor using reports.